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Public Safety

I am a strong supporter of public safety in our city. We need to feel safe and secure to accomplish our goals. I strongly support our Fire and Police Departments and will continue to fund all their needs in order to maintain the high standard of the city of Germantown.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these departments over the last eight years through the Germantown Public Safety Education Commission.

My vision is to maintain a high standard of public safety by working alongside all departments and fully supporting our first responders. Additionally, I hope to bring awareness to safety related topics for the benefit of the general public in the form of seminars and workshops.

Education and Youth Empowerment

I am passionate about education and have been privileged to have had the opportunity to work with teachers and students through the Education Commission which supports all Germantown schools and Education Foundation that supports Germantown Municipal School District (GMSD). Students graduating from our city’s schools excel through the high quality of education. I would love to see brighter, young people staying or returning to live in Germantown after their education.

One of my goals as Alderman is to empower youth to take on more leadership within our city, whether that is at the community or government level. I hope to achieve this through increased emphasis on youth activities and programs. Examples of this include creating leadership programs, vocational and technical courses at our schools, providing resources for internship opportunities, and creating a local Youth Commission so children can learn about our community and ways to volunteer.

Economic Development and Quality of Life

Economic development is the backbone of any city. Germantown is a wonderful city with vast green parks, state of the art facilities such as fitness centers, healthcare facilities, Germantown Performing Arts Center, outdoor facility The Grove, banquet halls, community library, community theatre, plentiful dining and shopping options, and much more. We are only one of four cities nationwide to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award.

I would love to see Germantown prosper even more. Specifically, I believe in improving our aging infrastructure, increasing job opportunities, and raising funds for the city, all in a sustainable manner.

Crisis management and Leadership

Crisis management is vital to any community. I believe in the community’s capacity to be prepared for any crisis. Recently, the community has seen crises such as the 2019 flooding, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic. During both of these crises, I alongside the city administration, was able to pull together a team of volunteers and resources to effectively manage the situation.

During the flooding, I aided in pulling together teams of volunteers to clean up damaged areas, and also set up a fundraiser at HHS to benefit flood victims. Because of the efforts by the community, first responders were enabled to perform more efficiently and with less pressure.

As Alderman, I hope to continue this trend within the administration of being fully prepared for any city crisis. With proper planning and execution plans, the city can play an active role in community restoration during ANY crisis.


It is well established that diversity in leadership is extremely valuable and leads to positive outcomes in any organization. I believe that adding diversity of background and thought to the city administration will have a substantial positive overflow effect to all areas of our city’s development and prosperity. One of my goals as Alderman is to help support diversity in all its various forms.

Germantown is a city of families; bringing together the younger and the older generations and providing a city that is able to support a high quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds is extremely near and dear to my heart.

As alderman, I aim to support diversity in all forms through youth empowerment, support of cultural and educational events, inclusive volunteer opportunities, and more.